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Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp.

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Ginkgo is the manufacturer of hot stamping foils with metallization and coating profession.

Based in Taiwan since 1987, Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp. is a hot stamping and metalized foil and film supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years of experence.

Our hot/cold stamping and metalized foil and film can be moisture-proof, have high electrical conductivity and thermal insulation. And we're able to customize suitable products using different base films (PET, OPP, PVC, non-woven fabric, and paper) and metallized materials (silver, copper, aluminum, tin, and zinc sulfide).

Ginkgo has been offering customers high-quality Hot Stamping Foil, Glitter Film, Holographic Film, Digital Foil, Exterior Foil, Hot Stamping Foil for Plastic Packaging since 1987, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Ginkgo ensures each customer's demands are met.

About Us

Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp.
Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp.

Established in 1987 and headquartered in Taichung Industry Park, Taiwan, Ginkgo exclusive focuses on researching metallization and film coating techniques since inception. With all the efforts for decades, Ginkgo has produced dozens of various foils and films, such as hot stamping foils, transfer films, UV hard coating films, holographic foils, glitter films, and lamination films.

Ginkgo-made foils serve a global customer base that is large and diverse and includes a variety of applications. These products are used in an extensive range of end markets, including cosmetic packaging, leather products, textile printing, household appliances, decoration materials, automotive interior, exterior decorations, food packaging, gift materials, and others.

Vision and Mission

Ginkgo's vision is to be the most advanced and extensive foils and coating services provider to all our customers and, in partnership with them, to forge a powerful competitive force in the film-coating industry.
To realize our vision, we must have the following strengths:
1.be a technology leader, competitive with the leading peers
2.be the manufacturing leader
3.be the most reputable, service-oriented, and trusted film coating technology company

Core Values

Ginkgo continues to make progress and improvements based on dedicated service, professional technology, and innovative ideas. We conduct in-depth research on market pulses, evaluate diverse possibilities, pursue innovation, and improve technology in response to demands, build a state-of-the-art laboratory, and gather knowledge talents. Professional knowledge is Ginkgo's foundation and core, and we utilize it to provide the best solutions for customers.

Social responsibility
Ginkgo complies with environmental laws and regulations to protect our planet; the ultimate goal is to be a corporation that contributes to sustainable development.
Treating customers as partners
As the slogan goes, "Glow for your glory." Our business aims to add value to customers' products and enhance competitiveness.
Fostering a challenging and fun work environment
Employees are our most valuable asset; we continuously optimize the working environment and provide opportunities for personal improvement.
Caring for shareholders
Ginkgo also aims to earn a return on investment for shareholders above the industry average.
2021Introduced vacuum metallizer.
2018Introduced clean room and regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO).
2010Implemented ISO9001 management system.
2002Renamed as "Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp".
1987Established in Taichung City, Taiwan. The original company name was Established United Advance Industrial Co. LTD, produced mainly hot stamping film for fabric and leather materials (transfer film for leather and transfer film for textile) and lamination film for aluminum plating.