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Ginkgo's hot stamping foil have high quality and various options. To reach the goal of sustainable development and green company, other than ISO 9001 certification, we also introduced RTO thermal oxidizer to avoid hazardous substance.

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Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp., established in 1987 in Taiwan, is a premier manufacturer of eco-friendly hot stamping foils and films. We offer a diverse product range including Stamping Foil, hot stamping foils, glitter films, holographic films, digital foils, and exterior foils. Our products serve various industries such as cosmetics, textiles, automotive, and packaging. With ISO 9001:2015 certification, Ginkgo is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable solutions to meet the global demands of our clients. Our innovative approaches and dedication to quality make us a trusted partner worldwide.

Committed to sustainability, our foils are produced using eco-friendly practices and advanced metallization techniques, ensuring high performance while minimizing environmental impact. Ginkgo’s ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees the highest standards of quality and reliability in every product we deliver. Partner with us for cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification reflects our dedication to quality and sustainability, making us a trusted partner for international clients.

Ginkgo has been offering customers innovative and sustainable decorative foils since 1987, both with advanced coating technology and 30 years of experience, Ginkgo ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Translucent Foil
    Translucent Foil

    Translucent foil has differ production process from the general hot stamping foil, which could perform different effects, by applying translucent foil onto the printed colors will create thousauds of combinations with special layering effects. Many cosmetics related industries and designers are using our translucent foils in packaging designs and creating the unique style. Our translucent foils have passed strict certifications and verifications process of En71-3, CP65, REACH, RoHS, and SGS. We conduct all-round inspections to ensure safety of your products in the market.

  • Cold Stamping Foil
    Cold Stamping Foil

    Cold Stamping Foil technology is often used in printingindustry. One of its advantages is that several colors can be applied at the same time, it's timesaving, eco-friendly,and diversified in colors. Using UV resin to perform transferring onto the substrates, proceeds with lamination by using laminating rolls followed by UV hardened system. It could be classified into narrow-web printing and offsetprinting, the former often used in printing labels and thelatter more for printed matter.

  • Lamination Film
    Lamination Film

    Lamination film could be fully attached to various substrates such as plastic and paper, allowing them to exhibit gloss. The difference between hot stamping foil and lamination film is the PET film layer is kept after the laminating process, leaving an extra protection to the surface of the products, keep moisture and oxygen away. It could work as a protective film. It also has better abrasion resistance and scratch resistance than general hot stamping foil, and have great adhesion to various substrates such as labels, greeting cards, wine bottles, packaging paper boxes, lampshades, etc.

  • Plastic Packaging Hot Stamping Foil
    Plastic Packaging Hot Stamping Foil

    Hot stamping foil for plastic packaging has high chemical resistance and good adhesion to various plastic materials so the trademark or logo of the products won't come off. Suitable for industries such as cosmetics product packaging materials, household appliances and so forth.

  • Hot Stamping Foil for Glass and Ceramics
    Hot Stamping Foil for Glass and Ceramics

    Hot stamping foil for glass and ceramics is often applied to lotion, perfume, wine bottle, vase, and similar products. Spread ink or UV varnish on the substrate and proceed with thermal hardened system or UV hardened system, and transfer the metallic foil by hot stamping. It has better metallic luster and more outstanding colors than in general glitter printing process.

  • Functional Hot Stamping Foils
    Functional Hot Stamping Foils

    Functional stamping foils with Ginkgo's state-of-the-art metalizing and coating technologies, our foils can provide a comprehensive range of functions according to customers' needs. For instance, the lamination film gives an extra layer of protection to keep moisture and oxygen out. The holographic foil has unique and unreproducible patterns; hence, it's perfect for anti-counterfeit labels. The release film with stable release force and the excellent uniformity of the coating layer makes it suitable for products made of composite materials utilized by the semiconductor industry. Exterior foil has properties of adequate environmental resistance, scratch resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. Hard coating film could strengthen the products' hardness and make them better abrasion-resistant. The applications above can utilize our lamination film, exterior foil, release film, printable release film, hard coating film, plastic packaging hot stamping foil, transfer film for leather, transfer film for textile, digital foil, holographic foil, hot stamping foil for glass to achieve a multiple-function for the product's specific requirements. In addition to their functions, the foils also give your products the aesthetic features to distinguish you from others. All products have undergone stringent inspection and passed rigorous certification processes such as En71-3, CP65, REACH, RoHS, and SGS in order to offer customers the best quality. This ensures that when your products are introduced to the global market, they will be able to meet local standards for performance, quality, and safety. market-specific demands.

  • Decorative Hot Stamping Foils
    Decorative Hot Stamping Foils

    Hot stamping foil gives a different appearance to the product. Ginkgo can provide various decorative foils for multiple materials, adjust according to different physical properties and produce suitable foils to meet customers' needs in numerous industries. Our hot stamping foils have passed at least nine quality tests, including but not limited to alcohol resistance, detailed definition, release force, etc. Ginkgo focuses on every detail, from complete surface stamping to clear letters or graphics; we can create perfect and elegant products by utilizing hot stamping foils. Packaging with decorative foils has an incredible visual effect while establishing the brand image and elevating product value. You can see many everyday products with hot stamping foils, such as cosmetics packaging, electronic appliances, automobile decoration, glass bottles, stationery, textiles, ribbons, clothing, leather, etc. To fulfill the abovementioned applications, Ginkgo offers customers a comprehensive portfolio, such as translucent foil, cold stamping foil, pearlescent foil, NeoIris film, rainbow film, glitter film, eco-friendly glitter film and so forth. For instance, hot stamping foil can add glamour to cosmetic packaging designs, bringing out the product's highlights and dramatically enhancing the company's brand image. The metallic luster from the transfer film can elevate the product's fineness on the leather surface; the unique glossy design on the glass bottles creates a visual sensation with glass foil; The digital foil on the posters amplifies the details of the design work. All products have undergone stringent inspection and passed rigorous certification processes such as En71-3, CP65, REACH, RoHS, and SGS in order to offer customers the best quality. This ensures that when your products are introduced to the global market, they will be able to meet local standards for performance, quality, and safety. market-specific demands.

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