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Ginkgo's hot stamping foil have high quality and various options. To reach the goal of sustainable development and green company, other than ISO 9001 certification, we also introduced RTO thermal oxidizer to avoid hazardous substance.

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Innovative Holographic Films for Anti-Counterfeiting and Branding

Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp., established in 1987 in Taiwan, is a premier manufacturer of eco-friendly hot stamping foils and films. We offer a diverse product range including hot stamping foils, glitter films, holographic films, digital foils, and exterior foils. Our products serve various industries such as cosmetics, textiles, automotive, and packaging. With ISO 9001:2015 certification, Ginkgo is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable solutions to meet the global demands of our clients. Our innovative approaches and dedication to quality make us a trusted partner worldwide.

Committed to sustainability, our foils are produced using eco-friendly practices and advanced metallization techniques, ensuring high performance while minimizing environmental impact. Ginkgo’s ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees the highest standards of quality and reliability in every product we deliver. Partner with us for cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification reflects our dedication to quality and sustainability, making us a trusted partner for international clients.

Ginkgo has been offering customers innovative and sustainable decorative foils since 1987, both with advanced coating technology and 30 years of experience, Ginkgo ensures each customer's demands are met.


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Ginkgo regularly releases the latest news and product information(hot stamping foil for plastic, transfer film, holographic foil, glitter film, etc.), please lock our News page.

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15May 2023
The most durable hot stamping consumables - silicon rubber dies and silicon rubber rollers

Hot stamping consumables play a crucial role in the hot stamping process. If the consumables are easily damaged, it can lead to incomplete stamping and lower work efficiency.

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12May 2023
Ginkgo participated in the NexTech Academy by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, signaling its move towards digital transformation!

The rapidly changing trends in the global information industry pose a significant challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises. The NexTech Academy gathered 20 small and medium-sized enterprises for six months of business counseling, accompanied by industry coaches and mentors, culminating in a results presentation on November 22nd and the achievement of phased transformation goals.

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15Jul 2022
Soft and delicate series - pearlescent foil, eight colors available!

After GinkgoTech continuously researches the market trend, testing, color matching, and development, we finally launched whole new pearlescent foil series. Available in pink, orange, green, turquoise, light green, blue, purple, and light purple, a total of 8 colors. Our purpose is to give customers countless choices when using hot stamping foils, give product packaging a stunning looking and bring more inspiration during designing.

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29Oct 2021
Accompanying Ginkgo for more than 30 years, vacuum metallizer has now officially retired!

Accompanying Ginkgo for more than 30 years, this vacuum metallizer has now officially retired.This Japanese-made vacuum metallizer has been extremely reliable and effective over the years, resultantly produce premium quality products that we are known for today.

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30Dec 2019
Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp. takes out a patent on environmentally friendly glitter film, striding forward to "Green Enterprise"

Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp., inherited from Japan's evaporation technology, to achieve the goal of coexistence of environment and development, for over 30 years, has continuously pursued more environmentally friendly processes by comprehensively promoting the hazardous material process management, investing tens of millions of capital and manpower in establishing RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) which is highly effective environmental equipment to eliminate harmful substances and meets the strict environmental regulations.

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