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Transfer films for leather and fabric applications | Global supplier of holographic and glitter films | Ginkgo

Based in Taiwan since 1987, Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp. specializes in manufacturing hot stamping foils with advanced metallization and coating technologies. They offer a wide range of products including functional and decorative hot stamping foils, glitter foils, holographic foils, digital foils, and outdoor foils to various industries such as cosmetics, textiles, automotive, and packaging.

Ginkgo was founded in 1987 and has been dedicated in researching metallizing and coating related techniques all along. We have produced various functional foil, such as hot stamping foil for plastic packaging, hard coating film, holographic foil, glitter film, lamination film, and so forth. We provide high-quality functional foil for clients across all industries. With experience of over 30 years, we could offer the best products for you. From manufacturing to delivery, each product has been tested over 6 times averagely. Our products cover all aspects in life, such as hot stamping foil for plastic packaging, glitter film, hard coating film lamination film, holographic foil and so forth.

Ginkgo has been offering customers eco-friendly stamping solutions since 1987, both with advanced film coating techniques and 30 years of experience, Ginkgo ensures each customer's demands are met.

Transfer films for leather and fabric applications

Suitable for wallets, bags, shoes, and ribbons.

Transfer film for leather.
Transfer film for leather.

Ginkgo has been focusing on developing leather transfer films for decades. Our transfer films can be applied on various substrates, such as genuine leather, synthetic leather, nylon, cotton, and polyester. The customers utilize transfer films for partial and full-surface decorations, and the metallic luster from films can bring out the designs' distinctive features.

Because of an extensive portfolio of colors alongside a high covering power and edge definition features, Ginkgo's transfer films are always the inspiration for international brands, designers, the leather industry, the textile industry, and hot stamping factories.

Vision and evolution of leather transfer films

Ginkgo keeps developing and upgrading our transfer films' definition, abrasion resistance, resilience, and adhesion. And Ginkgo aims to create more possibilities with our innovative transfer films and solutions.

If you need leather transfer films, please refer to the "products" below, or click the "contact us" above and let us help you.

Sales region

Due to our leather transfer films' brilliant and reliable quality, Ginkgo has provided our transfer films over Bangladesh, China, Europe, India, Japan, Philippines, Syria, Taiwan, and Turkey.

If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. Ginkgo will provide the best solution for you while delivering consistency and reliability.

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  • Types of Suitable Material: Genuine Leather, PU Leather, Artificial Leather
  • Working Process: Roll Stamping
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