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Based in Taiwan since 1987, Ginkgo Film Coating Technology Corp. specializes in manufacturing hot stamping foils with advanced metallization and coating technologies. They offer a wide range of products including functional and decorative hot stamping foils, glitter foils, holographic foils, digital foils, and outdoor foils to various industries such as cosmetics, textiles, automotive, and packaging.

Ginkgo was founded in 1987 and has been dedicated in researching metallizing and coating related techniques all along. We have produced various functional foil, such as hot stamping foil for plastic packaging, hard coating film, holographic foil, glitter film, lamination film, and so forth. We provide high-quality functional foil for clients across all industries. With experience of over 30 years, we could offer the best products for you. From manufacturing to delivery, each product has been tested over 6 times averagely. Our products cover all aspects in life, such as hot stamping foil for plastic packaging, glitter film, hard coating film lamination film, holographic foil and so forth.

Ginkgo has been offering customers eco-friendly stamping solutions since 1987, both with advanced film coating techniques and 30 years of experience, Ginkgo ensures each customer's demands are met.

Customized Color for Hot Stamping Foil

Hot Stamping Foil Special Effects and Colors

Contact us for requesting the color swatch and hot stamping foil samples.
Contact us for requesting the color swatch and hot stamping foil samples.

Ginkgo provides hundreds of colors for you to choose from our swatch. We constantly monitor the market trend and develop new colors and unique patterns, such as holographic patterns, translucent hot stamping foil, and pearlescent hot stamping foil. With our profound color matching experiences, we also customize distinct colors per clients' needs by searching from thousands of production resumes. We look for the color that suits your needs and perform swift color matching and sampling process for you. Please get in touch with us if you're interested in unique colors or customized colors.

Currently, we have regular metallic color, matte metallic color, holographic color, metallic aurora foil, metallic oil stain foil, transparent oil stain foil, hairline patterns and carbon fiber-like patterns, and translucent hot stamping foil. We continue to develop new
colors and patterns; please contact us if you're interested in unique or customized colors.

General Metallic Color
Metallic Hot Stamping Foils

The classic metallic hot stamping foil comes in hundreds of color shades. As a result, it can provide various applications, including cosmetic packaging, glass bottles, fabric textiles, and leather goods, with a distinctive metallic luster.

Matte Metallic Color
Matte Metallic Hot Stamping Foils

The matte metallic hot stamping foil has a delicate, classy shine. Ginkgo also offers color matching services for the various matte degrees, giving customers with special needs a more comprehensive range of haze levels. The warm-toned matte color is the most widely used shade in this collection and is widely utilized in cosmetics packaging because of its smooth, matte elegance.

Holographic Foil
Holographic Foil

Holographic foil is always the most distinctive hot stamping foil because of its multiple colors reflection. This foil is frequently used to create anti-counterfeit labels since it has a unique rainbow effect, can be translucent or multicolored, and even has various customized patterns.

Metallic Aurora Foil
Metallic Aurora Foil

When viewed from various angles, metallic aurora foil reflects many hues. Therefore, it is well-liked by the textile transferring and digital printing industries.

Metallic Oil Stain Foil
Metallic Oil Stain Hot Stamping Foil

Metallic oil stain foil, with a unique oil stain pattern, is popular among textile and fabric industries. These special effects make this collection became the inspiration for fashion designers.

Transparent Oil Stain Foil
Transparent Oil Stain Hot Stamping Foil

Compared to metal oil stain foil, the transparent oil stain foil has a less metallic effect but presents the texture of the substrate itself more. It is frequently utilized in printing and design works and has become one of the materials for creative ideas.

Simulated Patterns - Brushed Metal and Carbon Fiber
Hairline Hot Stamping Foil

Because of its unique pattern, the brushed hot stamping foil gives the product a hairline-like design after being hot-stamped to the substrate. It is a popular pattern often used in home appliances, sports equipment, and other products.

Translucent Hot Stamping Foil
Translucent Hot Stamping Foil

Translucent hot stamping foil is a semi-transparent metal foil developed by the latest metallization technology. Because of its transparent and rich metallic properties, it can present the texture of the substrate and create more possibilities for printing. It is suitable for combination with a UV varnish and be utilized in product labeling and packaging design, such as decoration on labels, wine boxes, cigarette boxes, and other products.

Translucent Hot Stamping Foil
Pearlescent Hot Stamping Foil

Pearlescent hot stamping foil differs from general hot stamping foil's metallic feeling. It has an elegant and soft pearl luster, so the shades of the pearlescent series are especially suitable for cosmetic packaging, glass containers, etc., making your products so delicate and attractive.

Translucent Hot Stamping Foil
NeoIris Film

The NeoIris film colors have a transparent quality, allowing the color and texture of the substrate to show through when combined with the product. The hot stamping method involves using a laminating machine to bond it with various materials such as PVC, PET, creating visually captivating products.

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